‘To embody the potency of beauty is to embody creation itself; and creating is what we are here for.’

How often have you not felt moved by nature’s art? How do you feel when walking in fields & forests, meeting nothing but flowers and green growings? Does your mind calms, does your heart opens, do you féél alive? Healthy? Inpired? Connected?

Since I can remember these very perfect & natural essentials have been both a homecoming and a longing for me, to connect to, at all times, and take this home, let this be my home. Herbs, flowers, and smelling them have been a great guidance towards a pure way of experiencing, of living, life.

I am thrilled to have found a form in which to pour all these elements into a bottle, for us to spray when needing support, when needing remembrance, of [our-] nature’s pure & high vibrational essence.

In a small intimate group we will share our intentions, and open the space to trust our intuitive nature again. Each person will be invited to make their own Soulscent, guided by me, guided by the plants.

Each will leave with a 30ml bottle of floral support, an uplifted heart and a golden glow.

We will:

  • learn to open and trust our intuition
  • open ourselves to allow & feel connected to a/our higher consciousness
  • and so re-establish our connected nature

Max group size: 6

Price, incl bottle, ess oils & tea: €55