Workshop Womb Consciousness

4-9-2020. An honor to serve. One of the most beautiful things I have ever done! Last week’s workshop Workshop Womb Consciousness at Grote Fijne Zomer Festival. 30 women, opening, allowing, sharing, feeling, and in the end, were guided to be in direct contact with their pelvic, their womb, their inner oracle & queendom. Goosebumbs, tears and laughter, deep eye-contacts were shared… The moment we were saying our ‘hello’ to our inner queens, a son of one lady shouted his HELLO from somewhere outside. I keep saying, and fully feeling When women gather, Magic happens. And as the taoists already knew, our conscious abdominal brain, brings us there. Many of the women came for a private session, after the workshop, on the gathering. Such beautiful sessions, such a blessing to serve in this way! Stay tuned for a sequel in Amsterdam, soon! Deep love, Rosa.