Womb connection

The womb. She holds a delicate energy, a rich body of no-thing-ness; our sweet, precious, intuitive center.

Have you always felt the wish to understand your femininity more?

Feeling often overwhelmed in this rather fast-paced world?

Do you wish to feel connected, inspired, strong in your vulnerability and live more intuitively?

A rich body of wisdom & intuition lies within all of us women. 

5000 years ago taoist healers already knew that we can use the ‘abdomen’ as a conscious brain.

Are you aware of the gold within you, do you feel connected to it?

For both women & men: to develop the understanding of the feminine principle is of utmost importance in this masculine driven world. Especially now. How can we open ourselves for the wisdom that the feminine aspect holds? This is an important part of my work.

To restore the balance, and land back in Trust. Flow. Love.

Our womb is a source of wisdom and intuition; which can act as a guide, your inner GPS. It has done as such, in ancient cultures, or nowadays still in some traditions; where women were honored for their ability’s, when being cyclical proved to be magic. How do you relate to your inner oracle, now?

I had been feeling disconnected and feeling incomplete during the early years of my life. Not knowing whether or not to trust my intuition, feeling very confused in these times. I was trying to act like a (hu-)man, and missing out to be able to dance with my inner feminine in a way that served me, and the world…

At moments, I thought I was broken. Experienced a great deal of pain during my periods. I felt scared of myself, my power, and not feeling nor finding my place in the world. So much confusion in me. So much to feel, I didn’t know how to hold myself. So I kept busy with the world around me, rather then find my inner queendom.

I knew this couldn’t be it.

So it became my quest; my ‘curse’ became my blessing. What was in my way, became my way. I wanted to connect to myself more deeply & allow to experience life as a pleasurable experience.

I found my answers in connecting to my inner source of wisdom; my Womb. She proves to be my GPS, my inner oracle, she is a body of sovereign truth & wisdom. I cannot, and do not want to imagine going back to that previous cut-off state.

Radiance is my medicine; feeling shining like a full flower in blossom. And I now gracefully & gratefully support other women, in connecting to their own personal Seat of Life.

We – my inner-queen, and I – channel from business plans; to whole workshops; to what colors or clothes to wear for my highest best this specific day or event, to leave when I am not where I supposed to be (she saved me from being intimate with the wrong person!) what vitamins I should take when feeling out of balance; and so much more Gold, continuously. I can ask her whatever I desire.

This way of being is not strange: it is still to be witnessed in tribal living; where the women open themselves and receive visions for the whole tribe. How magical & connected is this! And can become yours; this can become again, normal. Lets honor the femme rising, by connecting healthily & lovingly to our inner Gold.

Feeling a yes to all this? Then a Wombwork session is for you.

In a session we take your womb and your connection to her, as the starting point. From this we are guided; using breathwork, bodywork, soft gentle touch, aromatherapy, and channeling. I will bring you in contact with your subconscious, for you to understand, witness, and heal. 


“Sharing the Gold” is truly what she does! Rosalie has hands of gold which she applies very knowledgeable and precise, to intuitively touch upon blockages and elevate them. I never experienced such a treatment that was so “spot on”. Physically, and emotionally/energetically. Every time I thought about a spot in my body where I felt tension, pain or blockages, she was already there with her ‘golden energy’. She feels strongly whats needed in each moment and I have felt truly seen, and, felt truly healed. I will visit her again and highly recommend her!


After Rosalie’s workshop about the Womb and her consciousness, I went to Rosalie for a personal session. She touched my body very softly and told me about many events that had happened in my life… My issue was that I ignored that I am a woman. She felt that I have a very open hart, and helped me to understand that I can make the connection with my body through my heart. I was very surprised about all the things she said about me and how she could know about them all…. The session made me feel free, and working with her opened me to a part of my body that was until then closed. She has the ability to let you feel very safe, and helps you to to see & understand yourself, how you really are, in essence.


“I had my very first pussy talk yesterday and it was beautiful!! I feel so grateful to have connected with my beautiful inner source of love and wisdom again. Rosalie is a caring, wise and strong woman who facilitates your process in the purest way. Thank you Rosalie!”


‘Rosa’s healing is beautiful, grounding and intuitive. Her warm motherly nature is comforting and gentle, yet powerful. She is a wonderful guide on the journey, and I would happily recommend her work to anyone.’ 


‘Just another way to experience how magical this world is and what its powers are.. if we dare to choose we can create a beautiful path for ourself.. filled with love and blessings. Rosa’s motherly love and pure dedication helped me to experience this session the fullest and to make it truly inspiring!’


‘Rosa is very devoted to her healing work, with all her compassionate heart and soul. She has touched me deeply. And helped me to stay true to my path. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world, Rosa!’

Before our session

In order for us to be able to have the best & most relaxing treatment possible, I use the following terms and conditions. When you decide to have a treatment with Sharingthegold I assume you have read and agree to the terms and conditions presented.

  • Appointments made can be cancelled without cost max 24h before the treatment. For cancelled or forgotten appointments within this timeframe I charge 50% of a 1,5h treatment price.
Personal info
  • When making an appointment I will ask for your phone number and emailadres.
  • Before the first treatment we will have a small intake to ask you about your conditions; physical, psychological & medical info is required. The client is fully responsible for giving the correct information during this interview. On the account of this information a treatment can be given in a responsible and save manner.
  • If any changes in conditions apply it is the client’s responsibility to inform me about this.


  • Sharingthegold is not responsible for damage, theft and/or loss of personal belongings of the client.
  • Sharingthegold does not provide medical diagnosis. If there is any doubt I am allowed to forgo a planned treatment and I will direct you onwards to a doctor or specialist.
  • By agreeing to these conditions you state that you will not hold Sharingthegold accountable for and side- and/or afteraffects that could possibly be a consequence of a treatment given to you.