Re~Connect to The Self

Re-connection session – to Connect to the Self; 3 hr one-on-one intensive energetical mind, body & soul work.

With devotion and focus, we will work on harmonizing you with yourself, in yourself. The main-work is done through a body-massage, where I open blockages so energy can flow freely. So you can connect to your own power, energy & so strength; create a deepening & (re-)find your personal meaning in Life, opening you to it.

All with your own Love, the essential energy you exist out of, which I will fully devoted open you to, with So Much Love.

Possible topics we can work on:

  • get clear on what is really important to you right now, and what not
  • grow towards unity with yourself, by balancing and integrating body; mind & soul; so to create unity
  • clear up of any constrictions in mental, emotional or spiritual patterns
  • opening up for handling ever changing life
  • take your next steps towards personal development
  • explore physical ailments
  • develop your consciousness & awarenes
  • connect to inner peacefulness and so create space for insights
  • become aware of your personal energy and energy belonging to others

If you feel you would like to connect to yourself in a truthful & loving way, bathing yourself in the healing energy of the essential energy of life and so All: Love, to Be for 3 hrs under personal gentle loving care. I work with touch; energetical & physical massage as well as no touching and working on your energy flow, as posture adjusting; we will work with the breath towards & through any emotions or processes that need attention, to release what is no longer needed or yours. I work with your & my voice, since voice is vibration, as is all, and so this offers the possibility to unblock, release, make flow; both in singing, toning as talking; and my instruments. We will be guided by herb medicine; copal, sage, palo santo, lavender/rose/rosemary, what ever herbs offers its properties during your process. Sometimes, when my intuition tells me, I bring other medicine, cards, Mapacho, Rapé.


TIMING a session takes 3hrs, we start with arriving, then go into the session, at the end some rest, integration, and tea. Healthy snacks are very welcome. Make sure your day is easy and empty, also to give space to your personal process and to honor the work that is being done.

CLOTHING it is recommendable to wear comfortable clothes. Also, so I can reach your body for any massage like touch. Warm socks & sweater for resting time recommandable.


Whilst traveling the location is ever changing. Required is a calm space, where we will not be disturbed, with enough space for you to lay down and for me to move around you.



I like to work with a sliding-scale, so a session is available to all. The session itself is free, a healing energy is free – our birthright, to be exact – you pay for my time; the time it took me to learn all these skills and to develop myself so I am able to pass to you this healing energy, in the very best way.

pricing according to you income:

€0 – 1260: €90-110

€1260 – 2500: €130-140

€2500 & up: €160 & up