Theta Therapie® Session

ThetaHealing® is a healing method, that allows us to reach the subconscious – 91 to 93% of our being – to locate & change blockages that keep us from flowing more free and effortless through our life. 

Thetahealing allows us to reprogram your DNA, at root level. We change limiting beliefs that you have taken on through traumatic experiences, from your environment or your ancestors, that used to protect. Until you come to the point that you feel limited and stuck in behavioural patterns.

Theta healing assists us to locate and open these limiting beliefs that present themselves as blockages in the body. Through understanding them, and changing their cellular imprint, we release the stuck energy, we help heal our illnesses at root level, and so change our behavioral patterns.

Healing means change. Theta healing teaches us that we can heal ourselves. It is time we retrieve this ability.

Through a theta session and the theta brainwaves, one also learns/remembers to open for our essential connection with the highest source of energy in our universe; often referred to as Source, Creation, or the Love of All That Is. And once again feel this in our temple, our body, grounded here on earth.

We áre the connection , without this we would not exist. We have just forgotten, and it is time we remember.

During a session I will apply when needed floral support; essential oils, as a way in to your system, and to relax & expand. Also I might apply touch, voice- & breathwork. A first session always is accompanied by the making of your Soulscent: an essential oil based fragance, carrying the frequency of the session. This aromatherapy is a strong support after the session for you to stay aligned with the session & the strong soul work we did.

Theta Healing® is a healing modula re-created by Vianna Stibal in 1995, who found a way to heal a large tumor in her leg. She continues helping heal others and their trauma’s instantaneously, and travels the world to teach this healing method. 

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Pactical info:

A session is held in seated position, in a calm space, and takes 1,5h.

After a session it is best to have time to rest, and in the evening a proper sleep cycle is recommended. Please drink enough water before, plus do not use any stimulating or alternating substances (caffeine, for ex.)

The first session costs €85, including the making of your 30ml Soulscent.

The second session, costs €65. A second session is highly recommended to tune in,  harmonize & round up. Also possible via Skype.

~ when cancelled within 24hrs I do kindly ask for %50 payment ~

R.B. ‘Rosalie’s healing is beautiful, grounding and intuitive. Her warm motherly nature is comforting and gentle, yet powerful. She is a wonderful guide on the journey, and I would happily recommend her work to anyone.’

M.M. ‘What a beautiful heartfelt wisdom loving deep work! I was struck with all the beauty and clearness it resonated with. It enlightened some of my deepest life issues, from past lives, childhood, and from today, bringing them love, light and a sense of lightness!’

I.E. ‘During our session I felt safe, reassured and in an incredible theta state. The stories, the words, the works we did were very special and personal. I left tired but very vivid, feeling something deep was happening. The same feeling I have after a long held meditation or a shamanic healing. I am very thankful for Rosa being her own self and following up with me. As i continue to walk my path, step by step, towards shining my own inner light, Rosa’s words and shared gold continue to echo within me & guide me.’

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