The wholeness of Being

I love sitting in the dark, late at night, when children kings and queens are asleep. I can hear. My heart, my skin tingling with tenderness. Breathe in breathe out. I hear the blood flow in my ears, my own personal infinite ocean. No human thoughts scattering around to blur the experience of being. The darkness envelopes, I become a package of light, shining inwards. Stars wrapped in skin. A sound wants to comes through, I sing to the trees from my balcony, my voice sounds like a 100, 200, 2000 years old woman. it doesn’t matter who she is – she Is. I can feel her presence in every cell, every hair of this body. The container gets contained – carried, held in pure presence. There is no sense of I nor the question. Such delicate, powerful, balanced presence. I wish I could always embrace the dark, and embody the light undisturbed. And sing my song.