The book of Life

What if your whole life was already ‘written’, as a book, written in the stars? Imagine this for a moment. Close your eyes. Whatever you experience is okay, because it was already written, anyways. You would land, be, in a deep trust. Knowing, all is already okay. You could surrender completely. You would worry less, or not at all, or when worrying, you could witness yourself worrying, and so that would be okay too. 

Your heart would be open, walking in this trust. You would feel connected, to everyone and everything, because all of it, would be already written. 

You would flow, as if the happenings of life would be the movies, and you, you’d be the screen on which they are shown. Not identifying with the movies. 

You’d be the stillness of the screen. Allowing life to pass by.

Now open your eyes. And watch the movie. 

And breath the stillness, be the screen.