The Art & Gold of being a Woman – The 6 week course

How would it feel if being a woman would become an ongoing source of inspiration? 

This course is designed for women to explore and get in touch with their femme gold & femininity. This is the course where being too much becomes being full and complete. Where being vulnerable as powerful is being welcomed. 

In this course we explore what it means to you being a woman, and where you need nourishment to become more fully you. Supported by each other, we shall find and connect to both our depth and lightness.

You will be gifted 19 tools and practices, collected by your teacher Rosalie from all over the world during her own years of journeying deeply into her femmehood, for you to start & continue on your own journey. 

In this course you will learn to tune in and to be connected to your womb as your inner oracle. Explore yourself physically, emotionally and mindfully as a woman. Become a part of a healing & supportive sisterhood. 

After this course, P*ssypower is all yours! 

This is for you if you:

  • Have always wanted to explore what it means & can mean for you to be a women
  • Want to reconnect with your femme body, building trust & conscious awareness 
  • Are interested in learning daily practices to reconnect to self 
  • Want to connect to other women in a conscious, full way, as supporters, sisters & inspirational equals
  • Wish to be in a precious shared space & energy where you can just be you, let go, rest, land, be

What to expect:

  • Create & build a solid foundation for the relationship to your body & being a woman 
  • Learn to connect to your female organs, to individual parts, and as a whole
  • Learn to work with emotions rather than against
  • Receive 19 practices & tools for self care, self love and self healing as a woman
  • Receive homework each week to explore and dive deeper
  • Learn about (your) female sexuality, boundaries, receive tools 
  • Connect to your womb space and its energy, its presence, its magic & its gifts
  • Connect to other women, land in a safe shared space of support

The program week by week:

  1. Honor – Womb Consciousness: tune in & connect to the womb space; learn to communicate with your inner oracle
  2. Grace – Cycle Awareness & Womb Dance: learn tuning into your monthly cycle & practice moving, living, being from your womb centre
  3. Truth – How to work with our rich emotions rather than against; receive tools for a lifetime
  4. Opulence – the Heart-Womb connection; breast massage as an opening to self 
  5. Creation – female sexuality with others & self, boundaries, desires and safety
  6. Grounding in wholeness – completion of the Gold & landing in fullness 

The dates: 

29 okt, 5 nov, 19 nov, 26 nov, 3 dec, 12 dec.

(18:45 doors open)19:00-21:30 

At Roots&Wings, de Pijp, Amsterdam.

The exchange:

Early bird until 11 oct €490

Normal bird €550

to book CLICK HERE