Terms & Conditions

In order for us to be able to have the best & most relaxing treatment possible, I use the following terms and conditions. When you decide to have a treatment with Sharingthegold I assume you have read and agree to the terms and conditions presented.

  1. When making an appointment I will ask for your phone number and emailadres.
  2. Before the first treatment we will have a small intake to ask you about your conditions; physical, psychological & medical info is required. The client is fully responsible for giving the correct information during this interview. On the account of this information a treatment can be given in a responsible and save manner.
  3. If any changes in conditions apply it is the client’s responsibility to inform me about this.
  4. All information given during the interview will be treated confidential, and will never be provided to a third party without the clients written permission.
  5. Sharingthegold does not provide medical diagnosis. If there is any doubt I am allowed to forgo a planned treatment and I will direct you onwards to a doctor or specialist.
  6. In case of fever, flu or boils (anywhere on the body) it is absolutely forbidden to massage. If you have any acute injuries, high bloodpressure and/or any disease, it is recommended to ask for advice from your doctor, on weather or not to have a treatment, before making an appointment.
  7. Appointments made can be cancelled without cost max 24h before the treatment. For cancelled or forgotten appointments within this timeframe I charge 50% of a 1,5h treatment price.
  8. Payment needs to happen directly after the treatment, there is no pin available on location. Cash payments are also valid.
  9. A gift voucher can be exchanged for the treatment stated on the vocher and is valid up to one year after the stated date issued.
  10. Sharingthegold is not responsible for damage, theft and/or loss of personal belongings of the client.
  11. By agreeing to these conditions you state that you will not hold Sharingthegold accountable for and side- and/or afteraffects that could possibly be a consequence of a treatment given to you.