GOLD OF THE DAY About living, & taking responsibility.

I choose life. I have already chosen; I am here. And I AM NOT, a victim. Try this instead: I am a CREATOR, I am the centre of my world. Take responsibility. Be guided by your own power. So when something happens, and it is not giving me an easy time, or not what I wanted or expected…I ask myself, why did I create this? What is it saying TO ME? Or maybe, about me? Right there that moment; I do a courageous thing…I look in the mirror. My mirror is love-colored, after some years for working on that, mixing the paint over and over until it fitted an original state of being. Like a mother; gentle, loving, yet truthful. Only for me, to be able to grow, to expand, with Love, from Love, to Love.
I have One respansability in this life: to take the best care of my precious self. As if I am my own baby. To find balance. Harmony. Peace.

So peace to you, with love, Rosa.

GOLD OF THE DAY Full Moon in Libra


And then it’s full moon again. And when I read about it, I feel a relaxation coming out from deep within my being, from all my pores and by relaxing, letting go & letting be, I can feel connected. To myself, to the bigger picture and so the world, the other, you. More & more I relax into the idea that All Is One and I CAN feel this…aiaiaiaiiiiii madre mia!!!! Its like a home-coming, roots, these ones not from earth, but from a feeling of being connected, feeling of connection, to Source. Can you imagine? As the feeling of being connected to your mother; being in the womb, getting nourished by this life-line, the warmth of her being around you, and maybe even the not knowing to be separate. By learning about duality I realize more & more there IS no duality…this is not easy to comprehend. If you feel to feel, let me know, I am here and I am FULL POWER LOVING CONNECTED READY to SHARE THE GOLD.

Sharingthegold for booking of my re-connection sessions.

I love you!

GOLD OF THE DAY About wishing for yourself

WHAT DO I REALLY WANT? In order for one to florish full-color; bloom esctatically like life-promising full-vital luscious sexy blossom in spring – one must know one’s own wishes. Challenge 1: Feel yourself, 2: feel your wishes. 3. Live them. &4 Make yourself come true.  are you living your dream? do you know what you dream of?

If not…please contact me for a session 🙂 and make your life, make you VITAL again, make your energy flow…

It is your birthright to feel estatic! Do not forget.

Love, Rosa.