Signature treatment – thematic session

TOUCH YOUR GOLD – session on theme or bodypart 

For women

This signature treatment is a combination of Thetahealing & bodywork: healing on the energetic, the mental layers, ánd in the physical body.

This is a shorter session then the full body session, to focus on a certain theme or bodypart.

Thetahealing, through working with thetabrainwaves, allows us to work on our deepest subconscious levels. The bodywork and healingtouch part invites the body to connect to the energy work. In such session, we touch upon the places in the body where limiting believes, the root and remembrance of trauma are stored, bringing understanding, opening & flow. Ultimately this work balances your physical, energetical & mental body.

The combination of healing touch & energy work proves to be a golden combination, in this world where we live mostly in & from our minds.

In a femme signature session our starting point is the female physical centre: the womb and pelvic area. An often misunderstood and rather unknown area in the beautiful femme body. We work on connecting, a deeper understanding & harmonising with this area, as well as to the whole body. So this part and its inspiring energy may be integrated in your life. 

In my work with women, womb consciousness is a big topic. I teach other women to approach their pelvic as a place of inspiration, where our creation power sprouts from, and how to connect to this area as our inner oracle. A femme treatment on this theme will be infused and filled with knowledge, healing & inspiration, for you to live your femme beauty to her true richness!

What you can expect in a Touch Your Gold session:

Holistic: healing physical discomforts, and restoring essential life-energy demands an approach and treatment of us as a whole: body, mind & soul. During a therapy treatment we work with several techniques: the power of intuition, Thetahealing, Myofascial Energetic Release, pressure point techniques, reiki, breath, sound & voice healing, quantum touch, hand- & feet reflexology and aromatherapy.

Transformative: a body-mind-soul session offers a transformational experience. You come closer to yourself, and where your flow of vital energy stagnates; we work on creating a sustainable change in your body & life.

Conscious embodiment: a therapy treatment taps into the connection to your own source energy or life-force, the energy that connects all, in & through your body. By working with all layers in your system, consciously embodying all parts of yourself, you can meet the full you, and connect to your personal, healthy flow. A homecoming in the self.

Insightfull: together we tune in & touch deep theme’s; peeling off layers in beliefs, conditions & thoughts, for you to arrive at the core of who you are; your essence. You can receive insights on your way of living, working, relating, and what does serve you.

Flow: letting go of stress and chronic pain serves your healing. Energy can flow freely again when space is being made. Space to live free from suffering, move naturally, improve posture, improve your attitude towards life. Space for a fresh perspective, space for harmony, and a more balanced sense of being alive.

These sessions are for you if you are ready to incorporate all parts of your being and wish to move a step further into your own wholeness to come out. You stepping into your personal process of empowerment, your Wholeness of Being. 

This session is perfomed fully dressed on a massagetable, and can include skin contact, always with permission of the client.

From experience: 1 to 4 sessions are recommended to create a lasting change. 

Feel free to contact me for any questions regarding these sessions.

A Thetahealing session is also possible online via zoom. 

*A session ‘ON THEME’ is a shorter version of the full body-session. This is for you if you wish to work on a certain theme or part of the body. For full body session, see ‘signature treatment full session‘ for bookings, reviews and info.

*During a session I work with etheric oils and plant properties. I can make you a personalized Soul Scent of the oils used, so you can always connect to the work & frequency of the session. For more info check Soul Scent.

>>> Please scroll down to read terms & conditions upon booking. I confide hereby that you have read and upon booking, agree upon the terms & conditions presented.


‘Sharing the Gold” is truly what she does! Rosalie has hands of gold which she applies very knowledgeable, to intuitively touch upon blockages and elevate them. I never experienced such a treatment that was so “spot on”. Physically, and emotionally/energetically. Every time I thought about a spot in my body where I felt tension, pain or blockages, she was already there with her ‘golden energy’. She feels strongly whats needed in each moment and I have felt truly seen, and, felt truly healed. I will visit her again and highly recommend her!’


‘After Rosalie’s workshop about the Womb and her consciousness, I went to Rosalie for a personal session. She touched my body very softly and told me about many events that had happened in my life… My issue was that I ignored that I am a woman. She felt that I have a very open hart, and helped me to understand that I can make the connection with my body through my heart. I was very surprised about all the things she channeled about me and how she knew about it all…. The session made me feel free, and working with her opened me to a part of my body that was until then closed. She has the ability to let you feel very safe, and helps you to to see & understand yourself, how you really are, in essence.’


‘Rosa’s healing is beautiful, grounding and intuitive. Her warm motherly nature is comforting and gentle, yet powerful. She is a wonderful guide on the journey, and I would happily recommend her work to anyone.’ 


‘The space that this beautiful Rose opened and held so magically is one I will never forget. So much power and wisdom and love all at once. What a blessing to have been a part of and really look forward to having another session ❤’


‘The session with Rosa has been an amazing experience. She is literally sharing the Gold from her heart which means it is much more than Theta Healing. She combines different technics of her given and learned skills to make you feel the magic of the universe. I left with a clear state of mind, focus and wholeness. Thank you for your warmth, wisdom and presence.’


‘What a beautiful, heartfelt, wisdom loving deep work! I was just struck with all the beauty and clearness it resonated with. It enlightened some of my deepest life issues, from past lives, childhood, and from today, bringing them love, light and a sense of lightness! I now feel more peace and wonderment, and more inspired to work on myself, to improve my life and the life of others!’


‘Rosalie is a talented healer and a lovely person.

Her energetic massages definitely set you free from old energies you no longer need and help you move forward and clear your mind.’


‘I received a Skype session with Rosa, which pleasantly surprised me to be something profoundly accurate and confronting in the way I needed in that moment. The imagery, story and love Rosa transmitted was coloured and shaped that I could very genuinely connect with my Self. I’m deeply thankful for these insights, which have guided me onward into the following weeks, and I’m sure the coming months and years.. life lessons. thank you.’

Before our session

In order for us to be able to have the best & most relaxing treatment possible, I use the following terms and conditions. When you decide to have a treatment with Sharingthegold I assume you have read and agree to the terms and conditions presented.

  • Appointments made can be cancelled without cost max 24h before the treatment. For cancelled or forgotten appointments within this timeframe I charge 50% of a 1,5h treatment price.
Personal info
  • When making an appointment I will ask for your phone number and emailadres.
  • Before the first treatment we will have a small intake to ask you about your conditions; physical, psychological & medical info is required. The client is fully responsible for giving the correct information during this interview. On the account of this information a treatment can be given in a responsible and save manner.
  • If any changes in conditions apply it is the client’s responsibility to inform me about this.


  • Sharingthegold is not responsible for damage, theft and/or loss of personal belongings of the client.
  • Sharingthegold does not provide medical diagnosis. If there is any doubt I am allowed to forgo a planned treatment and I will direct you onwards to a doctor or specialist.
  • By agreeing to these conditions you state that you will not hold Sharingthegold accountable for and side- and/or afteraffects that could possibly be a consequence of a treatment given to you.