Reinier: ‘The massage that I received from Rosalie impacted me on all levels, emotional, physical, mental and energetical. Rosalie ‘knows’ intuitive to massage the right places of my body that required attention, so that deep healing could occur. The treatment helped me to feel more safe in my body again and to feel welcome again to be fully me. I went together with my wife and we both did a treatment. The weeks after we experienced much more connection and safety within our relationship. Really profound! I wish everybody to experience the gifts of Rosalie and I am already looking forward to the next time!’

Anna: ‘I received an energetical healing session from Rosalie. It does not actually feel natural to describe it as an ‘energetical healing session’, as Rosa’s work transcended above just simply working on my energetical blockages. Simply put, after my first session with Rosa, I have spent the following days feeling lighter in my body, stronger in my womb, clearer in my throat and warmer in my bones. This woman is a powerhouse.
I spent the hour-and-a-half-long session warm and comfortable, lying on top of a gently heated blanket. She began at my head, working down to my feet and back again, paying special attention to areas that she intuitively noticed needed more work. Throughout the session, Rosalie used a mixture of Reiki, Theta, toning, herb smudging and aromatherapy; at least, these were the physically measurable things that I noticed were utilized.

What I found deeply helpful about the way Rosalie worked was that she voiced her intuition. She relayed back information to me as it came in visions throughout the session: about my body, my energetical field, about the people we were working with during the session, and even about my organs. Rosalie is completely relaxed in her knowledge of the person as a whole; rightly so. Every time she relayed back information to me,it was deeply relateable and completely accurate. She asked my permission and consent to work with the information that she received each time, which made me feel safe, heard and seen; and therefore, more open and ready to work more deeply. Rosa intuitively knows that when boundaries are respected, upheld, acknowledged and taken seriously, deeper work can be done and the client will feel entirely empowered.
Toning is a technique Rosa used. Toning is when the voice is wielded and deployed, using tones of sound that vibrates in the frequency of the organ in the body where the release from the blockage is needed.
This technique is a two way street. Rosa invited me to use the same tone that she was using. It is worth me writing now that in the moment, I struggled with it. My struggle with this technique says everything about that fact that it was interesting that Rosa gently encouraged me to continue toning with her, always intuitive and never too much; but enough so that it released the blockage. I struggled because it was what was needed. I struggled to let go and flow with using sound, because my ego tells me to not take up too much space. (Can you see where I am going here)? Rosa’s use of this technique was wholly and intuitively empowering on more than one level; healing my field, and healing the root cause.
Rosa also worked with aromatherapy oil. This was a powerful moment for me, and has since reminded me of the strength of change that the right scent can bring when applied in the right moment. Rosa chose a mixture of what smelt like peppermint and eucalyptus and and asked me to breathe in deeply, and then applied it onto my throat. Breathe in deep; apply onto forehead. Breathe in deep; apply onto temples. Sage was burnt by my throat. I felt such a huge sense of nurturing and release and relief that tears flowed. 
I felt, the entire time, completely bathed in peace. It is worth me writing that this is not everyday work that Rosa does. This is deep, hard, meaningful, powerful work, and I have come away from the session not only feeling clearer, lighter, less full of energetical sludge; but I have deep and powerful insights that I can work with every day. Rosa’s work asks you to respect it and to work with it. It is not possible to simply attend a session, to lie down, to get up after it is finished and to walk out into the world, expecting things to be different. Her work asks you to be ready for it, to respect it, to see it and to be willing to work with it. In doing so, deep change will manifest. Rosalie heals; but you must be ready.’

Micah: ‘I had a beautiful session with Rosa. In her warm and strong presence, I felt safe and comfortable. Laying on the treatment table, I was able to slowly drop into my body. Her hands are soft and gentle, yet strong and vigorous at the same time. I was surprised by the different styles and techniques she used. Feeling that Rosa makes a combination of her skills and experience, suitable for me in this moment. She gave me a description of what she felt – the places in my body where she felt tension, and to what themes it correlates. I was stunned, because it was spot on. I have been consciously working on this childhood wounding/pattern for a while. Her accuracy pierced right through me. Which was beautiful and helped me to open up more, go deeper. 
She supported me to be in this vulnerable state, to fully allow all the feelings to come out fro within. To be with them, to let the pain, tears and sadness come out. It was a powerful releasing for me – physically, emotionally and spiritually. I felt very nurtured by Rosa in this deep cleanse.
Rosa has a softness about her which I love, while also being firm and stable. She knows what she is doing. This combination of her persona and natural confidence, made me able to fully surrender, receive and let go in her treatment.’

Jesse: ‘Rosalie is a powerful goddess with many gifts. Entering into the healing room, I felt immediately at ease and safe as we sat and had an intake. During the session itself, she was guided to work on specific areas of my body that needed love and healing. She intuitively tapped into how my emotional and mental bodies were manifesting into my physical reality. She also had visions of me as a child, some of which I have photos of the clothing just as she described it.Overall, I left the session with a lot of insight. I felt peace throughout my being and was bathed in love and light. Infinite gratitude to Rosalie, guides, angels, source energy for a beautiful hOMecoming experience. Thank you sister ♥️ Aho’

Stephanie: “I had an awesome experience with Rosalie. I saw her for the first time on the verge of a burnout, sick with a fever, expecting a relaxing massage. After our first treatment, I was surprised to feel not only relaxed, but that my fever and sickness already almost 100% better. After our second session, focusing also on energy alignment, I came out feeling like myself for the first time in a year. Rosalie is a seriously special lady with amazing hands and a way with energy. I have no idea what she did or how she did it, but I feel like myself for the first time in nearly a year. Would obviously highly recommend her to anybody ready to open themselves up to something special.  “

Marion: ‘Rosalie is a talented healer and a lovely person. Her energetic massages definitely set you free from old energies you no longer need and help you move forward and clear your mind.’

R.B. ‘Rosalie’s healing is beautiful, grounding and intuitive. Her warm motherly nature is comforting and gentle, yet powerful. She is a wonderful guide on the journey, and I would happily recommend her work to anyone.’

M.M. ‘What a beautiful heartfelt wisdom loving deep work! I was struck with all the beauty and clearness it resonated with. It enlightened some of my deepest life issues, from past lives, childhood, and from today, bringing them love, light and a sense of lightness!’

I.E. ‘During our session I felt safe, reassured and in an incredible theta state. The stories, the words, the works we did were very special and personal. I left relaxed and very vivid, feeling something deep was happening. The same feeling I have after a long held meditation or a shamanic healing. I am very thankful for Rosa being her own self and following up with me. As I continue to walk my path, step by step, towards shining my own inner light, Rosa’s words and shared gold continue to echo within me & guide me.’