Steph 11-2018: “I had an awesome experience with Rosalie. I saw her for the first time on the verge of a burnout, sick with a fever, expecting a relaxing massage. After our first treatment, I was surprised to feel not only relaxed, but that my fever and sickness already almost 100% better. After our second session, focusing also on energy alignment, I came out feeling like myself for the first time in a year. Rosalie is a seriously special lady with amazing hands and a way with energy. I have no idea what she did or how she did it, but I feel like myself for the first time in nearly a year. Would obviously highly recommend her to anybody ready to open themselves up to something special.  “

Marion 11-2018: ‘Rosalie is a talented healer and a lovely person. Her energetic massages definitely set you free from old energies you no longer need and help you move forward and clear your mind.’

R.B. ‘Rosalie’s healing is beautiful, grounding and intuitive. Her warm motherly nature is comforting and gentle, yet powerful. She is a wonderful guide on the journey, and I would happily recommend her work to anyone.’

M.M. ‘What a beautiful heartfelt wisdom loving deep work! I was struck with all the beauty and clearness it resonated with. It enlightened some of my deepest life issues, from past lives, childhood, and from today, bringing them love, light and a sense of lightness!’

I.E. ‘During our session I felt safe, reassured and in an incredible theta state. The stories, the words, the works we did were very special and personal. I left tired but very vivid, feeling something deep was happening. The same feeling I have after a long held meditation or a shamanic healing. I am very thankful for Rosa being her own self and following up with me. As i continue to walk my path, step by step, towards shining my own inner light, Rosa’s words and shared gold continue to echo within me & guide me.’