Flowers. Nature’s Art: high creation in tangible form. My natural attraction to flowers and their energy has inspired me, again & again to allow the Fullness of Life to flow through me. When walking in nature – or in the city! – and seeing this beauty, this high vibrational form of perfect creation, I feel connected, I feel alive, I feel inspired to embrace my wholeness of being…

In 2017 I started channelling combinations of flowers and herbs with a certain intention. Magic was born through my hands, poured into a small bottle of 30ml. When I started using these potent herbal medicinal sprays in my sessions, and watched how they were received, I knew I had to share this with the world.

The soul scents have shown to have a very potent effect on our cellular system: smell follows a single-synaptic path into our brain, our consciousness. Unlike all other senses, smell does not go through the Thalamus; our relay station, hence creating a powerful & direct connection.

Literally, flowers and their high vibration remind our cells of one of the highest creations; pure natural perfection and potently help, in the rising of our vibration.

  • A bottle of 30ml €21
  • A bottle + session €85.
  • It is recommended for you to combine making your scent with a session, the scent will continue to support and enhance the work from the session, hence it being a strong & continuous guide, and for you & all your cells to be reminded of the high frequency set during the session. 

A scent can be made on distance, for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one.