Myofascial Energetic Release

M.E.R. technique (Myofascial Energetic Release or energy release of connective tissue) is a unique body work well-being technique  created by Satyarthi Peloquin, that helps relieve pain by releasing the natural ability of the body to rebalance itself through the muscle fascia

Fascia, the connective tissue that holds everything in our body together: our bones to the muscles, to the skin. The strong elastic fibres, consisting out of water, move along each other to grand us a steady yet flexible ‘framework’ – to name the body as such – from which to move from, and from which to ‘hold ourselves up’ into the posture that we carry.

Water has memory; as Dr Masaru Emoto has proven, water can store emotions. In other words: in this memory we store experiences that we go through in life. Some experiences have a quite intense ‘load’ on our system, this is seen in our physic; we have neck & back issues from stress; ‘carrying too much on our shoulders’, which blocks free flow of healthy oxygens and nourishment, which then leads to chronic pains, migraine’s, a constant nagging body and a huge impact on the range of our mobility.

M.E.R. treatments offer you supported stretching, the unravelling of the connective tissue by sensitive touch, the mobilization of joints and other techniques.

Our DNA stores the info, on how best to grow our body from that single cell we all started with. Basically, our body is designed to stand up right – without any tension in the muscles or tissue.

Fascia tenses to carry all intensity experienced in life; creating stagnation and a different posture then we were meant to carry. Spasm; or trauma, creates hardening, which doesn’t allow the muscles to move normally, nor the body to perform at its complete reach, which can result in serious – joint – pain and posture alteration. X legs, O legs, hernia, a crooked back, cramped shoulders, a constant tension in the feet, certain muscle area’s…

Myofascial Energetic Release therapy offers a release of the tensed fascia, which then offers your body the change – that it will always take due to its natural posture programming stored in DNA – to hold itself upright again, move flexible, elongated, and, without pain.

For me this is the most physical way of spasm or trauma release, which is why I love it. Already in a few sessions a significant change in posture can be seen, which is why we always start and end with a body reading in the mirror.

view of the fascinating living Fascia