I am a natural intuitive regarding touch, the body, people’s whole & wellbeing: I have the touch of an thorough angel. Connected to the Theta work, I scan your energetical & emotional body, and work on the denser layers through the physical body, so to attend to & deeply reach the points where attention is needed the most.

When changing core patterns, it is helpful to work on both the physical & energetic layers – and to understand the relation between them – to achieve more profound & lasting results.

Massage for me is a true cocreation. We work together, to connect body, mind & soul.

We work on opening energetical and/or emotional blockages in the body, the focus always on your complete & whole wellbeing. My massages are transformational, de-armouring & balancing your complete system. My treatments offer a deep energetical & emotional detox. I use pressurepoint techniques, reiki, theta healing, deep tissue, quantum touch, hand- & feet reflexology and breathwork.

Where desired and possible I also bring in tools from my my current studies: Myofascial Eenergetical Release, Pelvic health & care, and midwivery/doula practises.

I use essential oils; the properties of the plants & flowers, and the Soulscents I make to guide the work & your system. When required we will use toning or singing for it’s vibrational components to help relax the system and enhance the work we are doing. All this to make you feel harmonized and whole; better able to accept yourself, balance your complete energy system in, with & through your body, and let go of what no longer serves.

Watch out, my massages tend to bring utmost relaxation! So after the massage best to keep an open agenda, to rest, rejuvenate, injoy & embrace this gift to yourself.


TIMING I use a rating by hr, as to be able to work to what is needed at the moment, stress free and open. Sessions are mostly 1,5h.

PRICING €60 p/h

~ when cancelled within 24hrs I do kindly ask for %50 payment ~

PLEASE READ TERMS & CONDITIONS BEFORE OR WHEN BOOKING. I confide that when booking a session, you have read & agreed to the terms & conditions presented.