Massage as Therapy


We are here, to help heal ourselves. Yet we struggle, we fight, we win, we
loose, we do do do, yet do we feel good… Do we find peace? Is the peace to be found in battle?

What about happiness? Balance? How does our body feel? Are we able to feel, at all? Or de we carry chronic pain, continues doubts..?

After years of research, working with people and their topics all around the
world, and deep inner and outer work, I am & feel well qualified to offer others
support in answering these questions. In going deep, to find a path towards
peace. Finding, our wholeness of being.

My treatments offer a deep energetical & emotional ‘detox’, a balancing of the system. A clean up of stagnant energy and blockages in both your system & posture. I offer a
potent mix of myofascial energetic release, pressurepoint
techniques, reiki, theta healing, hawaiian deep tissue, quantum touch, hand-
& feet reflexology and breathwork.

Massage for me is a true cocreation; we work together, to connect body, mind
& soul. The body never lies, and will tell us all we need to work on.

We work on emotional disbalance, physical disharmony, and mental issues. Thus the work can be seen as a coaching; body, mind & soul. For you, to explore finally, a sense of peace, balance, happiness, and your connection to a healthy body & mind, in connection to the world around.


first session                       2,5h                       €125

follow up sessions         2,5h                       €140 when booking 3 immediately €380

*before & after sessions tea & some healthy bites will be served

~ when cancelled within 24hrs I do kindly ask for %50 payment ~

PLEASE READ TERMS & CONDITIONS BEFORE OR WHEN BOOKING. I confide that when booking a session, you have read & agreed to the terms & conditions presented.