I am a natural intuitive regarding touch, the body, people’s whole & wellbeing. I have the touch of an thorough angel. Connected to my channeling work, my massages are guided and we will reach the points where loving work is needed the most. We work on opening energetical and/or emotional blockages in the body, the focus is on your holistic well being. My massages are transformational and de-armouring.

I use essential oils to guide the work, and sometimes smudging, and toning or singing for it’s vibrational components. All this to make you feel at ease, harmonized and whole.

Watch out, my massages tend to bring utmost relaxation! So after the massage best to keep an open agenda, to rest, rejuvenate & injoy deeply this gift to yourself.

Timing can be at your wish; I recommend 1,5 hour.


TIMING can be one hour, up to two.

CLOTHING either comfortable clothing or naked

PRICING depending on time & location 1,5hr €65-75