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I offer chairmassage in your work environment, creating a moment of peace in a busy day, harmonizing and uplifting employees to work from a state of centeredness, peace & brightness. I incorporate breath in the session, to feel charged again, ready to rock the day!

The benefits of chair massage during work:

1. A chair massage reduces stress: stress reduces up to 85% from a chair massage! Stresslevels were measured before and after the massage. This is one of the biggest benefits; its effect can be immediately noticed, in the employee as well as on the job!

2. Chair massage at work reduces fear & depression: fear gets reduced by 26% and depression by 28%. I love happy people; they make the world beautiful!

3. Pain in the body, such as back/neck/shoulder pain, is being reduced immediately: reduced by 48%, this is half!

4. Headache is being reduced immediately: also 48%, reducing migraine and thus sick-leave.

5. Lowers blood pressure: chairmassage improves blood circulation and thus lowers blood pressure, by 7%. This does not sound like much, yet it is the difference between a hypersensitive blood pressure and a normal blood pressure, without any medication! Plus, research has shown that this reduce is a long term effect.

6. RSI complaints dissolve or disappear: for employees whom make repetitive movements, chair massage can reduce 37% of repetitive stress complaints

7. Boosts immune function: research on immune function after chair massage show that cell performance increases by 35%. This is one of the benefits of chair massage for company’s; this also applies to auto-immune and inflammatory diseases.

8. This all leads to substantial savings and a huge improvement on effectivity! It has been proven that after a chair massage, work effectiveness increases by 78%! Seems like a clear sign to me.

An employee on sickleave costs minimum €250 a day (ArboNed). Since chairmassages are being offered at our dutch VAT office, de Belastingdienst, sickleave has reduced from 12% to 8%. (source: Volkskrant 2002.) Coincidence or not? What could a reduce of 4% on sick-leave result for your company? 

> Minimum booking 3hrs, calculating 20min massage per person.

The price for one-time assignments is € 320.00 (ex VAT) per half-day (4 hours, in which 11 chair massages are provided). Prefer reacurring relaxation? For example 2 times a month: then I use an adjusted rate of € 260.00 (ex VAT) per half-day.

I will gladly inform your further, feel free to contact me.

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Review by Sophie from Arcagna, Museumplein Amsterdam: “Very nice & targeted massage. Attention on points that hold tension as well as on creating calmth in the mind. Rosalie is a warm and relaxed person. A wonderful moment of relaxation during a day at work!”

And Mark: “Rosalie facilitates chair massages at our office for a while now and I am very satisfied! She always finds the muscle knots in my back, shoulders and arms easily, and she helps with correct inhalation and exhalation. During a busy working day, Rosalie keeps your mind for 20 min off work with calm music and pleasant scents. A wonderful and useful relaxation during 20 well deserved minutes!”


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