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Rosalie has such a high level of high & pure consciousness, that she proved to be the right one to offer me and my deceased ex-beloved a coaching on truely releasing one another on earth- & soul level. 


Making a connection with a deceased one requires a high purity and direct connection to the source. Rosalie is capable of such! To receive my trust in such, you need to be highly skilled & very balanced. Unfortunately often connection is being made with too little awareness and purity. That I do not resonate with at all. I noticed myself to be almost surprised, from the start to feel my trust, and in good hands, with Rosalie. I felt, even before we started, that the true contact would be made. The session showed me why she was able to give me such incredible trust. Her sovereignty & right consciousness! Thank you Rosalie.



Before our session

In order for us to be able to have the best & most relaxing treatment possible, I use the following terms and conditions. When you decide to have a treatment with Sharingthegold I assume you have read and agree to the terms and conditions presented.

  • Appointments made can be cancelled without cost max 24h before the treatment. For cancelled or forgotten appointments within this timeframe I charge 50% of a 1,5h treatment price.
Personal info
  • When making an appointment I will ask for your phone number and emailadres.
  • Before the first treatment we will have a small intake to ask you about your conditions; physical, psychological & medical info is required. The client is fully responsible for giving the correct information during this interview. On the account of this information a treatment can be given in a responsible and save manner.
  • If any changes in conditions apply it is the client’s responsibility to inform me about this.


  • Sharingthegold is not responsible for damage, theft and/or loss of personal belongings of the client.
  • Sharingthegold does not provide medical diagnosis. If there is any doubt I am allowed to forgo a planned treatment and I will direct you onwards to a doctor or specialist.
  • By agreeing to these conditions you state that you will not hold Sharingthegold accountable for and side- and/or afteraffects that could possibly be a consequence of a treatment given to you.