Femme coaching

Always wished to dive into your feminine self; to live working with your feminine aspects, rather then feeling confused?

The femmecoaching I offer is designed to your personal wishes. We will combine working with your subconscious – channeling – as well as your womb-consciousness; the essence of you as a feminine being.

The feminine represents – amongst much more – the Womb; the carrier of creation and the infinite. The space of no-thingness; where creation is born. Organic flow and the energy of the mother; the maker; she who holds space for the femme Gold to shine brighter & brighter. The feminine has been repressed in her natural radiance, for 10.000 of years. Held back, made small, judged to be emotional; weak; expelled for doing her magic, which is part of her nature; the caring, curing, loving.

Our world drives in many places on a masculine perspective & energy. Business is what matters, and yes, more women fulfil higher positions; yet are they allowed to take up their space as a  woman? Vulnerability is a force of nature, a true strength, yet how much do we allow? The masculine, represents the adventurous, the linear. And yes, some become rich, yet does the world find itself in a good, nurturing, loving position?

We need the feminine to rise. To reclaim her beauty, her radiance, her power. Her wisdom. Her compassionate nature. Her sacred rage; bringing us to heart-carried justice. We need to allow emotions, and work with, rather then against.

For this, we needs to tend to our own Gold first. Radiance, comes from within this deep body of femme knowledge & wisdom. To bring back the sacredness of the life-giving energy


  • Your subconscious; tracking limiting beliefs that hold you back from taking up your (self-)loving space as a femme in this world
  • Your relation to your feminine energy/sexuality and manifestation power
  • Your monthly cycle, and this femme magic
  • Open & loving relating to & with your womb-space; you inner guide and seat of life & creation.
  • Emotions; to allow emotions to be information to work with, rather then against ourselves.
  • Rituals and ceremonies that want to be experienced for your feminine evolution.
  • Find & reclaim your radiance; to be unapologetically YOU

This is for you if you:

  • Are ready to invite & embrace your beauty
  • Wish to empower yourself through marrying with yourself; you are the one!
  • Wish to radiate your feminine gold
  • Wish to learn how to ’fill your cup’ from inside out, instead of living depleted
  • Wish to learn & incorporate femininity and her magic
  • Wish to incorporate cyclical living in your life
  • Wish to operate in this world from your feminine essence, touch upon your mission, and rock it!
  • Wish to be able to speak with your womb directly and receive her guidance

The process withholds 6 sessions, we start with reading your energetical body and how it relates to your essence, and  intention clarifying & setting.

Feel free to email or call when interested, for more information or/and if you wish to feel if my way of being & working resonates for you.

Sessions are also to be booked separately, yet for full benefit 6 are recommended, once monthly.

Looking forward to feel you, and wave magic, together.
Love, Rosa.

My prices are according to your net income.

€0 to €1500: presented price minus 20%

€1500 – €2500: presented price

€2500 – up: presented price plus 20%


“I had my very first womb-session yesterday and it was beautiful!! I feel so grateful to have connected with my beautiful inner source of love and wisdom again. Rosalie is a caring, wise and strong woman who facilitates your process in the purest way. Thank you Rosalie!”


‘Rosa’s healing is beautiful, grounding and intuitive. Her warm motherly nature is comforting and gentle, yet powerful. She is a wonderful guide on the journey, and I would happily recommend her work to anyone.’ 


‘Just another way to experience how magical this world is and what its powers are.. if we dare to choose we can create a beautiful path for ourself.. filled with love and blessings. Rosa motherly love and pure dedication helped me to experience this session the fullest and to make it truly inspiring!’


‘Rosa is very devoted to her healing work, with all her compassionate heart and soul. She has touched me deeply. And helped me to stay true to my path. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world, Rosa!’

Before our session

In order for us to be able to have the best & most relaxing treatment possible, I use the following terms and conditions. When you decide to have a treatment with Sharingthegold I assume you have read and agree to the terms and conditions presented.

  • Appointments made can be cancelled without cost max 24h before the treatment. For cancelled or forgotten appointments within this timeframe I charge 50% of a 1,5h treatment price.
Personal info
  • When making an appointment I will ask for your phone number and emailadres.
  • Before the first treatment we will have a small intake to ask you about your conditions; physical, psychological & medical info is required. The client is fully responsible for giving the correct information during this interview. On the account of this information a treatment can be given in a responsible and save manner.
  • If any changes in conditions apply it is the client’s responsibility to inform me about this.


  • Sharingthegold is not responsible for damage, theft and/or loss of personal belongings of the client.
  • Sharingthegold does not provide medical diagnosis. If there is any doubt I am allowed to forgo a planned treatment and I will direct you onwards to a doctor or specialist.
  • By agreeing to these conditions you state that you will not hold Sharingthegold accountable for and side- and/or afteraffects that could possibly be a consequence of a treatment given to you.