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Amsterdam, Nederland. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

When receiving a massage, you can keep your underwear on. When receiving any other type of session, please dress comfortably.

what is a good time for me to book a session?

After a session it might be your wish to have time to relax, to integrate, have time for yourself. 

anything i should be aware of regarding my session?

On the day itself, please do not consume coffee or any other ‘upper’ and/or intoxicating substances, nor wear strong scented parfum or deodorant. Make sure you drink enough water. Right before the session, please only eat light, and if possible, plan a relaxed day for yourself. 

what are your working hours?

mon-frid 9:30-21:30

sat 10:30-14:00

can i give a session as a gift?

You can! Email me and we make it happen .

can i cancel last minute, are there consequences?

When cancelling withing 24hrs before your session, I do ask for a 50% payment. Also to be found at the bottom of each treatment page, be sure to read the ‘Before our session’ section.