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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

When receiving a massage, you can keep your underwear on. When receiving any other type of session, please dress comfortably.

what is a good time for me to book a session?

Please be aware that after a session it might be your wish to have a moment to relax, to integrate, have time for yourself. Better then to book on your day off, and go home to relax, have a shower, eat healthy. 

anything i should be aware of regarding my session?

On the day itself, please do not consume coffee or any other ‘upper’ and/or intoxicating substances. Do not wear strong scented parfum or deodorant. Make sure you have drink enough water, and have some water and snacks with you for on the way home. 

what are your working hours?

In person: evenings during weekdays, saturday also available. Online (via zoom) day- & eveningtime available. Feel free to ask. 

can i give a session as a gift?

You can! Please be aware though, that everybody is very different, so do explain the person you wish to gift, what my work is about. 

can i cancel last minute, are there consequences?

When cancelling withing 24hrs before your session, I do ask for a 50% payment. Also to be found at the bottom of each treatment page, be sure to read the ‘Before our session’ section.