What we are currently experiencing is and outburst of our non acceptance of the changing nature of life. As long as we fight and seemingly need to fight we will always commute with lower frequencies and thus never believe to be healthy & whole. What is it that makes us not want to see what is laid out before us? The fear of the nontangible keeps many of us low, small, disempowered and thus unwholly. We are here to be Whole. The whole of us is here to be. Experience life, not fighting existence. Thats like punching the self in the face ~ continuously when looking in the mirror and seeing the self. The mirror only reflects 2D, not your multidimensional ever-creative self. Whatever is meant to be will be, reside, rest, turn your face to the sun the light the stars and take it all in. You are that and nothing less. Start being, start living your extensive, whole, magnificent reality. Choose well, choose health, choose wholeness. Its never too late, never ever.