Channeling session

A channeling/theta healing session offers clear & strong insightful work, softly landing into our truth, opening pathways, clearing old energy and arriving in our selves. I ‘scan’ the body with my hands, and communicate what presents itself, in order to gift you knowledge on your behavioural patterns, limiting beliefs, and old, stuck & stikcy energy, that prevents your from flowing more freely in & with life.

During the session my hands on your body, and our communication will provide a movement of energy; rebalancing the body and your emotional, energetical & physical system.

In the session I also encourage breathwork and/or voicework, to use the vibrational components to release, go deeper, or balance our system. The vagus nerve does the work, as we make a small effort.

During a session I will sometimes use floral support; essential oils, as a way to helf heal your system, using plant properties, and to help you relax & expand. Also I might apply touch, voice- & breathwork.

After the session, if desired, I can make your Soulscent: an essential oil based fragance, carrying the frequency of the session. I add here the essential oils we used. This aromatherapy is a strong support after the session for you to stay aligned with the session & the strong soul work we did.

Personally made, charged & channeled Soulscent €25


first session                       2/2,5h                       €125

follow up sessions         2/2,5h                        €140 (when booking 3 immediately €380)

*before & after sessions tea & some healthy bites will be served

~ when cancelled within 24hrs I do kindly ask for %50 payment ~

PLEASE READ TERMS & CONDITIONS BEFORE OR WHEN BOOKING. I confide that when booking a session, you have read & agreed to the terms & conditions presented.