Completely Free

What if you were to say now, that you are healed completely, how would you feel?

What would your state of being be like? What would your day be like if you lost that weight you always wished to lose, or gained that weight if that’s what you’re trying to do, or had more money, what would you life look like, how would you feel?

Can you , for a moment, feel what it is like to be complete?



Progressing to a new level of evolution is made possible, by realising what the Universe is trying to teach you. Evolve by aquiring the virtue of purity starting with your thoughts.  From there, realise you are the centre, the creator of your life, Law of Attraction; all is vibration, what you think, you send out and therefor create. So learn, grow, not create suffering… Open yourself to yourself, with kindness & compassion, give yourself the space to evolve. #sharingthegold #justlovemanlove #thetahealing #superpowers



Let your greatest desire in each moment be your strongest focus. Despite of all before you, despite even the law of physics, focus most on what you are wanting, focus most on how you wish to be seen, focus on how you wish to share, focus on what you wish to manifest and create focus on how to create the world in which you wish to live – Pleiadian channeling by Lovemaker Dante Singh, Berlin oktober 2017 #justlovemanlove #sharingthegold

Golden Theta Healing Circle’s happening here & now

Inspired by Life, this healing baby got born: collective theta circle’s, to tap into the collective consciousness and expand healing & love! The magic is there, the energy is tangibly high & the frequency is healing, loving, and soft from strength.

Regularly we will be hosting these circles, for actual data info, check Sharingthegold on facebook, or email us here ♥

Dear Hearts,

We feel honored & humble, to present you, again, with our healing Co-Creation, for the higher good of all and in service of ♥

This year, Mouna and Rosa came Home to a healing tool, a way to the Higher Heart, our Natural State of Being; Theta Healing. Inspired by each other we birthed on a cozy monday morning whilst working on & with two dear hearts, this healing child in form of a collective circle.

We are happy to invite you to a very special healing circle, where every time we will work on a certain Theme. We provide a safe space, an intimate circle of dear ones, all brought together by Love and a feeling of being called, and us two who will facilitate personal & communal healing work.


The theme will be provided on the evening itself, when we are together we will adress the highest energy and see what is most needed. We like to believe in magic 😉 and so are confident the ones who are there are connected in theme. And so the work we will do will be fun, touching deeply, and effortless in its essence ♥

This is our dream & vision.

For each happening session we invite you very specific from our heart.


About Mouna’s work, dreams & visions:
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

About Rosa’s work, dreams & visions:
My personal medicine is to empower my fellow human beings on their path in life towards conscious development; evolvement. When connecting through Theta, I see your personal way in Life, how you walk your walk, how you deal with Life and its experiences, and your current processes. I also see where you could develop yourself, what is Important for you and what can be released, in order for you to grow. I offer you these gifts of understanding, for you to evolve in the best version of you.


Rosa’s healing home in Bernau, filled with stones, love, plants and exotic connections is for us the place to be. Adress will be provided on confirmation of joining.


As an energy exchange, we are open for donations. Money is welcome, food or drinks for the evening, as in healthy pref local or bio snacks, also. Yet do be aware, your presence and trust is already a Great Gift.


We ask you to wear comfy clothes (as always) and bring a sheepskin to sit on so you can sit comfortably. Tea & water will be provided, healthy snacks will be VERY welcome, since we wil cook a lush meal for after our healing circle. Food for the soul is provided in the session, food for the belly after ♥

Thank you, with So Much Love,

Mouna & Rosa.
☾ ☮ ☽

p.s. we would like to START at 16:00 so please come before to arrive and have a tea ♥ the end time for this event is flexible, you are welcome to leave right after the circle, or after the meal.

p.s. 2 these circle sessions are VERY suitable if you are interested in Theta and would like to check it out in a less concentrated way then a personal session. Yet off course we do hope for you to feel for a full session as a golden gift to yourself ♥



From the relationship with some of my dear ones, I am understanding a few things: whilst vacuüming & in my head/heart reciting letters to them, and all I wanted to express to them, all that I feel, I felt it was very direct and so can be, devastating – or, that’s how I felt people could take it. Then I thought; but…it’s my way of loving. -Here I stopped the vacuüm cleaner.- This critical tongue, that is my energy, my gift, or the knife, as the Mayans calls it, is acually MY LOVE. To be truthfull is to me the most loving thing I/we can do. It will help me grow the most. That devastating part might be the biggest gift in it: it will brake down the pink castle walls that I tend build up to protect the real paradise that lies inside. The paradise that is actually raw, where there is death as much as there is birth, even me, householder to this paradise, even I do not want to see it for what it is. What the hell is a raw paradise?!

It is LOVE man.

– I am getting all excited now, feeling that in me a shift is happening, a 180°c shift, of seeing what was my curse into seeing it as my gift, and not just seeing but really embracing it, celebrating, being in awe…and also realising, that it is not my energy that misunderstood me, but it’s the world around me who misunderstood…off course, for me to learn, and when I am ready, take back the power that lies within. Claro. –

So here it comes:

As we have a misunderstanding about nature, thinking it is fluffy and safe, as we get lied to in Zoo’s; tigers right in front of us, yet behind bars. We are human, and nothing can happen to us! Try looking that tiger that close in the eye in some wild nature, you won’t even have time to blink before your heads gets bitten off. Or the children’s books where no dead animal is drawn, just owls next to badgers next to, yes VERY fluffy baby ducks, that in nature would get swallowed in no time. Aahhhh so cute.

Eat or get eaten.

And I am love. That LOVE. If I want it or not. When I eat, myself or another, or let myself get eaten; that is LOVE. And love is raw. It is pure. It is being presented with opportunities to grow, and they might not come fluffy and rainbow colored to you. They will break you, they will tear you appart, that is, your programming and where they are attachted to you, for you have to know: if I am love, so are you. And that essence, we can’t do shit about. Its what you are. Swallow it. Let it roar in your guts and let it be you, exactly as you are. And it is bitter, it is sweet, it is salt and it is sour. And all those together make what…? The full experience. It’s your choice, do you want to be alive, or dead whilst walking?

 Lets go for a walk. Barefoot. And feel all those textures, feel that it might hurt, or feel super pleasent. And take it all in. That is nature, and nature is us. Sit, observe, feel, and Be.



Yesterday I came to an exhausted point, and felt truthfulness, coming to face me from a deep, somewhat hidden place inside. Since in daily life, when I have energy to do my business and ‘take care of me’ I can easily overpower (read: not listen a.k.a. push away) that sweet little yet perhaps kinda sad voice or kid inside, who is trying to make me see this truth, again and again. (bless us for having this voice/kid!) The kind of truth that asks us to really SEE ourselves, our actions, and how we deal with ourselves. The REAL truth, of whats happening inside. Yet we need to listen. Take a moment. And get real. No chocolate or bath to make me feel better, and go on, not going into a victim role, then cry and then feel better and think that was it and so continue, and also not immediately looking for a solution, AHA!, and jump back in the saddle of life and ride on as if nothing is happening…
NO. TRULY LISTEN. What does my soul need? For sure it’s not a burn out. For sure it’s not choosing to live my life sad, or not-estatic. Why do we settle for less?? WE ARE NOT HERE TO SETTLE FOR LESS.
And that doesn’t mean you have to now sell your house, and spend all your money on that journey around the world, (actually, that journey inside yourself) that you’ve always wanted to make. (or perhaps it does )
It can be with babysteps. Even better, since those are the ones that learn us to walk.

Where do you keep on going and not listening to that little voice…?
I am here to talk, if you need me.
With so much Love, Rosa


Theta Healing Therapie® Teaser

Theta came my way, several ways. And so I finally decided to treat myself to a session… And it blew my mind, my spirit, and blew away so many deep processes…out of the loving window. I came home. Both in this world as in the world where my spirit roars, on, preferably, wings of light. Yet ‘old stuff’ pulled me down from time to time. Time to heal! And so we did. Back to the year 1100, where I witnessed how this hard part in my belly that kept me from being whole got created, from fear, that froze in me.

Theta works with the Theta brainwave, the wave of ‘the space in between’, where the magic happens, I like to say. And so this came to be, in this reality even! How amazing.

On top of that, I got to learn to be able to give Theta Therapie! I feel so lucky. And grateful, to myself. I do not believe in luck: we are the creators of our world, and so this luck, I made happen. I thank myself for loving myself that much, that I heard the call and acted upon it. So, now available in Berlin, till 10th of may. Then, offered in Amsterdam on 12 & 14 may. Back in Berlin beginning june.

The event can be found on facebook:

Dear Golden Family ♥

With a heart full of Gold & Love I would like to share with you my new re-found Therapie skills, called Theta Healing Technique.

If you have already heard of it: WAUW, if you haven’t, get ready to be-WAUW’ed.
Theta Healing allows me, after you give me permission, to scan your body for possible ailments, and to replace programming that we might have taken on in life (or passed life’s!). Such as your deepest fear that is holding you in it’s iron arm. We will be able to dig to the root and replace this fear for something that DOES serve you.
So: We work towards flowing in your life.

As i wish to practice this incredible technique every day from now on for the rest of my life, I’d like to make you a special Theta-Rosa-entering-the-game starting offer 🙂

About 1,5hr or 2 hr for €25. Longer & deeper possible yet then I would appreciate a little more energy exchange. (I am open to receive good foods, nice clothes, an ipod for traveling ;))

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Hoping to inspire you to try this deep healing & connecting work, that has brought my spirit Home ♥

Feel free to open my offer to friends. Your friends are my friends.


official website: 

my Berlin inspirators:


GOLD OF THE DAY About living, & taking responsibility.

I choose life. I have already chosen; I am here. And I AM NOT, a victim. Try this instead: I am a CREATOR, I am the centre of my world. Take responsibility. Be guided by your own power. So when something happens, and it is not giving me an easy time, or not what I wanted or expected…I ask myself, why did I create this? What is it saying TO ME? Or maybe, about me? Right there that moment; I do a courageous thing…I look in the mirror. My mirror is love-colored, after some years for working on that, mixing the paint over and over until it fitted an original state of being. Like a mother; gentle, loving, yet truthful. Only for me, to be able to grow, to expand, with Love, from Love, to Love.
I have One respansability in this life: to take the best care of my precious self. As if I am my own baby. To find balance. Harmony. Peace.

So peace to you, with love, Rosa.

GOLD OF THE DAY Full Moon in Libra


And then it’s full moon again. And when I read about it, I feel a relaxation coming out from deep within my being, from all my pores and by relaxing, letting go & letting be, I can feel connected. To myself, to the bigger picture and so the world, the other, you. More & more I relax into the idea that All Is One and I CAN feel this…aiaiaiaiiiiii madre mia!!!! Its like a home-coming, roots, these ones not from earth, but from a feeling of being connected, feeling of connection, to Source. Can you imagine? As the feeling of being connected to your mother; being in the womb, getting nourished by this life-line, the warmth of her being around you, and maybe even the not knowing to be separate. By learning about duality I realize more & more there IS no duality…this is not easy to comprehend. If you feel to feel, let me know, I am here and I am FULL POWER LOVING CONNECTED READY to SHARE THE GOLD.

Sharingthegold for booking of my re-connection sessions.

I love you!