Soul Scents

Soul scents, a beautiful tool to support your system into a more healthier way of living; atuned to the highest creation of beauty in nature; flowers. Soul scents are a potent & tangible way to support you towards the Wholeness that you are.

The soul scents have shown to have a very potent effect on our cellular system. Smell follows a single-synaptic path into our brain, our consciousness. Unlike all other senses, smell does not go through the Thalamus; our relay station, hence creating a powerful & direct connection.

Literally, flowers and their high vibration remind our cells of one of the highest creations; pure natural perfection and so potently help in the rising of our vibration.

The scents are personally made; channeled and charged by the highest source of energy in this Universe; the Love of All That Is, and connected to & charged by the fitting crystal and it’s properties, to connect it strongly to our layer of existence.

We are all so different; yet an intrinsic part of the puzzle. Soul scents are made to honor your authentic path & support it, potently, strongly, inspiring you to be your highest & best self. 

  • A bottle of 30ml €21
  • A bottle + session €85.
  • It is recommended for you to combine making your scent with a session, the scent will continue to support and enhance the work from the session, hence it being a strong & continuous guide, and for you & all your cells to be reminded of the high frequency set during the session. 

 Soul scents can also be made on distance for a selected person***as a gift of honoring each others path. Message me for information.

 Selling locations:

~ Sugarless, Overtoom Amsterdam.