About Me

Welcome! My name is Rosalie, and I am a 32 year old therapist, born in the Netherlands.

Since little I have been fascinated in us humans walking our paths, and how. I have a natural eye for unharmonized, or distortion in our wholeness of being. I love bodywork and – movement, the body being a rich book for us to read & understand how we relate to the world, making it our very best option to empower ourselves, from within ourselves. I have travelled the world to study different kinds of practises, to come to an all-round offering of therapy.

I am an official Theta Healing practitioner, which I combine with massage, to create an emotional & energetical detox in your system. These massage therapy sessions  I combine with aromatherapy, breath & voicework when desired. My massage sessions are a combination of several types of massage & practises, in which I honor my authentic strengths for a most beneficial outcome & creation through healing arts.  

Thetahealing makes use of the theta brainwave; the brainwave of least brainactivity to locate and offer a possibility to transform limiting beliefs. These beliefs we take on in order to protect ourselves when experiencing emotional trauma. In doing so we create openings to change behavioural patterns.

I am training as a Lua Lomi – Hawaïan deep tissue massage – practitioner, which offers also a strong detox & restoration of our natural health & posture, and am currently studying Myofascial Energetic Release, and Pelvic health & care, as well as midwive/doula practises.

All this I combine into potent therapeutical sessions. Coaching can also be part of this, if you wish to incorporate this, please let me know.

 ‘I feel strongly devoted to the mission, to help expand human consciousness through {self-}awareness, and reconnect back with our essential energy. Mostly, we have lost to comprehend & embody our basic nature. To guide myself back to a more natural & effortless state of being has been the greatest gift in life, and so I strongly feel to share this with others who feel like life is more of a struggle then a gift. I do not believe that is what we are here for. Life is not meant to torture us, but to teach us.’

I love to write about what I encounter on this path of expansion, and share this via instagram, scroll down to be directed there.

Please check facebook for my current location, workshops, events & reviews, or send me your email to receive my news&loveletter with monthly info and offerings:

I also organise group healings, mostly for women as it being a womanscircle where we indulge into different themes. If you’d like to hear more about this, and/or receive an invitation, please send me your email.