About Me

Rosa, 32, born in the Netherlands, is a travelling energy worker who facilitates Theta Healing Therapy®, and is devoted to be in service to the rising consciousness of her fellow human beings on earth.
She is an official Theta Healing practicioner, and a natural intuitive. In her work she uses aromatherapy, sound healing, several types of massage as transformational massage & shamanic de-armoring, if needed. She also works with crystals, tapping, bodywork and body movement. Has studied shamanic practices in Europe & South America. She practises different types of meditation, Qi Gong, yoga, and loves to combine all her knowledge for personal & global expansion.

I feel strongly devoted to my mission, to expand our human consciousness and reconnect back with the essential energy; the energy of Source; the Love of All That Is.

And on this path we have some challenges to face, mainly to get out of our own way… In 2014 I was tired of peddling upstream, and threw my life over to make space to work towards a more free flow in life. I felt like a victim of life, and I didn’t believe that was what I am here for. Many beautiful teachings came my way, I learned to reconnect with nature and find my peace there, yet how to also live this into modern day society? When stepping back I started giving sessions, and one year later learned Theta healing…then it all began, I began, my Soul Came Home. The path I have been on since then has been one of true heart-expansion and I wish to bring this to all who are on the searching path. From Pain to Truth, from Seperation to Wholeness.’

She loves to write about her personal path of expansion, to be found on instagram & fb:

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