Rosalie Stange

Rosalie Stange


My Motivations/what I believe in

I believe in us humans as sovereign, authentic, and complete beings.

Whole, that is, if we know how to get out of the way. I believe our path can be one of pleasure, from a connected place, and I believe this is our home, our birthright. The landing into that wholeness, is our journey, and I love to offer my services to that homecoming.

Our body, is the vessel, for this homecoming. Our personal Temple.

My mission is to help guide people coming home to their essence; their true self; their connection to the source of life, inside. So outside, will proceed, the harmony embraced, within. To embrace, and love, our Wholeness of Being.

My Skills/background

I am certified in Thetahealing; a way to connect to the subconscious, to read, guide & reprogram whats stored there in this rich part of our being, and bring us back to our natural, sovereign and connected state of being. This tool has brought me on a rich journey to become a channel, for life, for knowledge, for energy, to aid our human journey and mission.

Upon returning from a 4 year long journey around the world, staying mostly in nature, cleansing myself and arriving in my true self, I started giving sessions. After some time I got in touch with Thetahealing, which taught me how to connect to all layers of existence, to be a pure channel, and after a year of facilitating this modality as I got told, I returned – first without really noticing – back to my initial sessions. Just now, more connected, without any doubts, doing remarkable work. The effects my sessions had blown my clients and me away, straight into our magical, all-encompassing Hearts.

I knew I had found my signature, my gift, my way to ‘give to the world’ what I came here to do.

As a side effect of traveling and spending my time with healers, shamans and nature beings, I got trained in shamanic practices, ceremonies & rituals, both one-on-one as in group setting. As an effect, I love working with plant- & aromatherapy, mostly floral-medicin, and by nature I apply reiki and pressure point techniques. I studied several types of bodywork: Hawaiian deep tissue as a way to heal; Myofascial Energetic Release; allowing us to read an offer change to our body posture and see what is stored there, whilst releasing stagnant energy. Since young I love reading people’s posture and can sense their processes in this life. I also use & honor greatly the tool of sound healing, via voice and instrument, using my voice, your voice & your body as an resonance box. I play drum & native flute. My flute has come to me during my travels, and has been my biggest teacher since.

In my work, I help people release stuck energy through the use of their breath and my voice.

I also have a passion for the feminine work; I love to assist the feminine in the world, and my sisters back into their empowered, connected, self loving & acknowledged state of being. Sharing my knowledge on womb-consciousness; and help other femme’s to find back their inner oracle, the voice of their femme self, located in our pelvis; our seat of life force & intuition. I believe the world needs more healthy feminine, as well as healthy masculine. Both aspects fo life are represented in my work.

Last but not least, I offer coaching & channeling for the dying & family. This transformational journey is one that is a natural part of life for me, and honoring this I feel to help others reach that acknowledgement, and thus accepting, embracing, and finding peace.    

My work offers a HOMECOMING in your body, in our universal body, in life, whilst incorporating the rich subconscious. A mapping and balancing of both the physical, emotional & mental body, tapping into our selfhealing ability’s as humans; as beings of energy. I offer transformational, insightful & harmonizing experiences, to create a natural, healthy flow, restoring the natural flow of life energy.  

Want more?

The story of my Life – in short

My conscious path started at a young age. I was a see’er: I witnessed so much, felt so much, and in that, witnessed allot of suffering. Feeling this inside my young, sensitive and innocent being, confused me; I did not believe this is what we could be here for.

Being teased at school around my 6th year, after experienced lots of family drama, and being such a sensitive, empathic being in a rather quick-fix society, brought me into a depressed state, and living on my own around my 16th year in life. The doctor gave me antidepressant, which I flushed through the toilet the moment I got home.

The energy inside of me let in that moment, brought my soul strength forward, deciding I wanted and would, find my way (back-) to harmony.

Art school followed, and after, a few years of professionaly performing with artistic acts as a full time creator of experiences; an entrepreneur, combining arts and consciousness with pleasure. I felt free, creating my own work, yet simultaneously so constricted; trapped in the ego world of money and having to prove myself constantly. Surviving, rater then thriving.

After 4 years of this story, I felt again going towards a depressed state. Everything was too much. My heart and my head could not make the connection I knew inside, was essential.

I quit everything, did a mindfulness course, then a vipassana retreat (10 days of meditating every day 11hrs), and my first plant ceremony. The plants told me, I was not able to ‘just be’. This hit me very hard. All I knew so far fell apart, leaving me wondering what I was doing here. I decided to go travel for some years, to get away from all I knew to get to know myself, openly, freely and raw. These years have been extremely rich. I started with giving away all my belongings, apart from one backpack with travel gear. I spent time in nature, learning from nomads; free spirits, the souls that went their own path. Learning all sorts of skills and healing methods. Finally landing on a shamanic path of learning, and after returning; my healer-self emerged. People felt drawn to my energy and experience, and so I started giving sessions, to hand them tools and a sense of deeper understanding. This passion to aid others on their path, never left me. I do not believe, we were meant to be anything else but whole & content; creating in life, with life, rather then working against the stream, our stream. I do not believe we are here to suffer, as I witnessed around me so much, and inside me, these young years of my life, and still. I do not believe, this is why the sun rises each day, to shine upon us.

I continued learning more and more, evolving, finding what brought me pleasure, connection, bringing me out of survival; simultaneously exploring my mission, connecting to wisdom, truth, and universal consciousness. My curiosity and love for our path as human beings has & will infinitely inspire me to grow, as a flower towards her sun. The inner sun, that I am, as well as the outer sun, reflected through me.

I strongly believe if we return to our essential, connected, sovereign self; allot of unbalance & suffering will simply seize to exist.

The sessions I give now are not far away from the first sessions I ever gave, yet now from a place of being home, a place of overflowing, a place of harmony, and peace. Infinitely grateful for the gold on my path, and grateful, that I may pass on this homecoming, to our natural state of being. Every time I facilitate a session, I am being reminded, off al this, humbling me, to continue to be in service.