About Me

Hello, welcome.

I am Rosalie, a 32 year old Dutch therapist, devoted to be in service to helping others understand & heal themselves.

I am an official Theta Healing practitioner, and born as a strong natural intuitive. In my therapy sessions I bring in other practises, as aromatherapy, breath & voicework when desired. My massage sessions are a combination of several types of massage as transformational massage & de-armoring. Here I also use the power & energy of essential oils, combined with Theta technique, to come to a best outcome for your system.

Since little I have been fascinated in us humans walking our paths, and how. I have a natural eye for unharmonized, or distortion in our wholeness of being. I love bodywork and – movement, the body being a rich book for us to read & understand how we relate to the world, making it our very best option to empower ourselves, from within ourselves. I have travelled the world to study different kinds of practises, to come to an all-round offering of therapy. And whilst traveling, I always offer my skills as a therapist.

I feel strongly devoted to my mission, to help expand human consciousness through awareness, and reconnect back with the essential energy; the energy of the Love of All That Is. Without this connection, we would simply not exist. Yet mostly, we have lost to comprehend & embody our basic nature. To guide myself back to a more natural & effortless state of being has been the greatest gift in life, and so I strongly feel to share this with others who feel like life is more of a struggle then a gift. I do not believe that is what we are here for. Life is not meant to torture us, but to teach us.’

I love to write about what I encounter on this path of expansion, and share this via instagram, scroll down to be directed there.

Please check facebook for my current location, workshops, events & many beautiful reviews, or email me your email to receive emails on my where abouts and offerings here: http://www.sharingthegold.com/contact