Rosalie Stange

Rosalie Stange


Welcome! My name is Rosalie Stange, and I work as a Womenstherapist, medium, bodyworker, masseuse. 

In my work I combine energy work with bodywork & massage in 1-on-1 sessions. 

In these sessions I implement voice & breathwork, plant & aromatherapy, trauma release, bodywork, womb healing and shamanism.

I also love teaching Womb Consciousness in workshops and courses, to inspire and reconnect women to their womb & femme essence: their body, their energy, their unique & authentic way of expressing their femme gold. 

Since a very young age I have had this magical ability to intuitively ‘read’ body’s and posture. By now I have made this my life’s work! 

I translate the subconscious through channeling, whilst making you connect to your body through healing touch and massage. 

Bridging body, mind and soul; giving you the chance to understand yourself on deeper levels, both energetically ánd physically.

In 2013 I completely emerged myself into my own healing journey. Life felt against me, I suffered, and I didn’t want to believe that was what I was here for. So I quit everything, started doing courses in mindfulness, breath work, shamanic ceremonial work and bodywork. This led me to travel for a few years, exploring myself in nature and in more courses & practices. In 2018 I returned to the Netherlands, and felt it was my time to root, and offer the sessions I had started giving whilst traveling, here. These were received with so much enthusiasm, I fully chose to make this my work. It serves me highly, as each session is a reminder of the pure loving energy we are and that is all around us, and this is what I like to embody into this world.

My path brought me to work mostly with women, since 80% of my clients became women. After having done years of self-work on my own feminine journey and sexuality, this is no surprise. I am now passionately sharing all I have learned; I feel tremendously grateful that I may pass on my knowledge and experience and help other femme beings to land into their gold & beauty-FULL self.

I believe our path can be one of pleasure from a connected place, and I believe this is our home, our birthright. The landing into that wholeness is our journey, and it is my passion to offer my services to that homecoming.