2022, the year of no return.

We have been moving through a global evolutionary stormy pauze in time.

The ‘standstill’ has made us meet ourselves in so many ways, touching upon all aspects of our lives & wounds there to care for.

The open ones that showed themselves in this time, demanded a true open eye, a deep dive. Where looking away, both collectively and individually, is no longer an option.

We moved through a time of great cleanse and opening. If worked with, rather then against.

I experienced C and it was like a big purge, a cleanse of fear of the unknown. Perhaps this is what is happening now.

And before wounds heal they need to be felt and tended to.

It is war time. It is raw. And it can be beautiful too, can be pure.

I was demanded to tend to my depth; my ability to be with myself and life around.
What helped me was to step out of yang and invite, emerge, in yin. Complete standstill; active passiveness.
Yin can be very ‘active’ or hard work; one knows, if you have ever been to a proper yin class, or ever had a challenging time being sick; allowing the body to heal. It takes full presence.

It can bring up emotions. For example our big ‘friend’ anger. Yet anger comes from the same jar as power; as passion, as fire. Actually…great energies to work with! Fire burns it all clean, passion dances with, power is amazing fuel. That is if we manage to work with.

These energies also represent chaos; from which creation can be born. The highest energy of all; to create.

When I emerged in yin – which wasn’t easy! – inspiration flooded in and I could FEEL MYSELF AGAIN.

It turned out I was starved for that state. Starved to receive inspiration, to receive life & myself; fully.
I got to touch upon fullness again. What it means to feel pregnant with life. To know it’s all good. To stop pulling life towards me and therefor not using the power it has; the power I have. Even though not knowing the steps. For it turned me towards my true north again. Turns out I don’t need to pave the path. All I have to do is keep facing my true north. In yin, I know easily what is my true north, what is my purpose, my mission.

City life, often withholds us from seeing the horizon, literally and figuratively. Keeping us small and perhaps not striding our paths like the connected fullness we are.

The biggest disease is disconnectedness.

And what we need to strive for is balance. Without balance there is no life. There is no life without balance. If birthed from imbalance; illness is what’s created.

We have a choice here. The choice to heal. To work with what presents itself. To open all the gifts; as if they were onions; layer by layer to be able to touch upon their essence, their core. Our essence; our core. This is the work.

From a place of knowing we don’t know but keep facing our true north. Falling & getting up again like childen learning life. With playfulness & flexibility, or we break, and we try to heal with force, which costs allot of energy.

When coming from a whole, connected point of view, point of being, breaking doesn’t matter.
For when something breaks from this place, it is still, a whole.

This is humanness meeting divinity. This is learning from nature that dies en rebirths each year and because it allows it to happen it has a beauty to it, that is nourishing.

How about we let ourselves be nourished?
How about we start accepting our nature beyond narratives and live, breathe, play, fall & get up again?

To become fully divine we must become fully human.

That is this, for me.
And for you?

So how do we do this?

  • Allow yourself time to rest, to do absolutely nothing, to be, without stimulations.
  • Receive support to emerge fully in that state of yin, whilst being used to yang; so come for a session with me, receive healing through energy work or massage, or do yin yoga, turn off your phone for a day, don’t touch electronics, write your mind empty on paper, and do arts or tasks that ask very little mind input. Preferably make no demands on oneself at all.
  • Share practices with one friend that brings you into your senses; conscious feeling, sharing with talking object, 3-min-game by betty martin/wheel of consent, long walks, also in agreed silence.
  • Play music with instruments, aim for meditative, simply felt tones & rhythms, bringing you in a field of energy & experiment; simply experiencing tones.
  • Lay around in bed, doing nothing at all, not being lazy, but just being. Actively resting.
  • And, plan this. not just one day, but a few. First day will always be a cleanse from yang and getting into yin. So grant yourself TIME. Open space. Freedom.

This is a practice in Just Being. Something we tend not to be invited into, in our yang & productivity based society.
It can be very challenging. But most rewarding.

It took me quite some healing and burning old boats, to relearn how to be. So give yourself time.

But start anyways. It is never too late. Each minute in the zero balance resting point, is gain, is rejuvenation, is nourishment.

The mother is starved on our planet, and it is up to us, to let this healing energy back in. To let this exiled energy be restored to nourish us again. To show us the way of peace. Of harmony by feeling through, instead of pushing it all away. By embracing ourselves and each other; offering us inclusion. By bringing connection back to life.

For connection is what we are. And as long as we keep ourselves from our true nature; we shall suffer.

The time is now. And now is all we have. So start, dear one. Start.

In love, Rosalie.