Golden Theta Healing Circle’s happening here & now

Inspired by Life, this healing baby got born: collective theta circle’s, to tap into the collective consciousness and expand healing & love! The magic is there, the energy is tangibly high & the frequency is healing, loving, and soft from strength.

Regularly we will be hosting these circles, for actual data info, check Sharingthegold on facebook, or email us here ♥

Dear Hearts,

We feel honored & humble, to present you, again, with our healing Co-Creation, for the higher good of all and in service of ♥

This year, Mouna and Rosa came Home to a healing tool, a way to the Higher Heart, our Natural State of Being; Theta Healing. Inspired by each other we birthed on a cozy monday morning whilst working on & with two dear hearts, this healing child in form of a collective circle.

We are happy to invite you to a very special healing circle, where every time we will work on a certain Theme. We provide a safe space, an intimate circle of dear ones, all brought together by Love and a feeling of being called, and us two who will facilitate personal & communal healing work.


The theme will be provided on the evening itself, when we are together we will adress the highest energy and see what is most needed. We like to believe in magic 😉 and so are confident the ones who are there are connected in theme. And so the work we will do will be fun, touching deeply, and effortless in its essence ♥

This is our dream & vision.

For each happening session we invite you very specific from our heart.


About Mouna’s work, dreams & visions:
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

About Rosa’s work, dreams & visions:
My personal medicine is to empower my fellow human beings on their path in life towards conscious development; evolvement. When connecting through Theta, I see your personal way in Life, how you walk your walk, how you deal with Life and its experiences, and your current processes. I also see where you could develop yourself, what is Important for you and what can be released, in order for you to grow. I offer you these gifts of understanding, for you to evolve in the best version of you.


Rosa’s healing home in Bernau, filled with stones, love, plants and exotic connections is for us the place to be. Adress will be provided on confirmation of joining.


As an energy exchange, we are open for donations. Money is welcome, food or drinks for the evening, as in healthy pref local or bio snacks, also. Yet do be aware, your presence and trust is already a Great Gift.


We ask you to wear comfy clothes (as always) and bring a sheepskin to sit on so you can sit comfortably. Tea & water will be provided, healthy snacks will be VERY welcome, since we wil cook a lush meal for after our healing circle. Food for the soul is provided in the session, food for the belly after ♥

Thank you, with So Much Love,

Mouna & Rosa.
☾ ☮ ☽

p.s. we would like to START at 16:00 so please come before to arrive and have a tea ♥ the end time for this event is flexible, you are welcome to leave right after the circle, or after the meal.

p.s. 2 these circle sessions are VERY suitable if you are interested in Theta and would like to check it out in a less concentrated way then a personal session. Yet off course we do hope for you to feel for a full session as a golden gift to yourself ♥


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