Yesterday I came to an exhausted point, and felt truthfulness, coming to face me from a deep, somewhat hidden place inside. Since in daily life, when I have energy to do my business and ‘take care of me’ I can easily overpower (read: not listen a.k.a. push away) that sweet little yet perhaps kinda sad voice or kid inside, who is trying to make me see this truth, again and again. (bless us for having this voice/kid!) The kind of truth that asks us to really SEE ourselves, our actions, and how we deal with ourselves. The REAL truth, of whats happening inside. Yet we need to listen. Take a moment. And get real. No chocolate or bath to make me feel better, and go on, not going into a victim role, then cry and then feel better and think that was it and so continue, and also not immediately looking for a solution, AHA!, and jump back in the saddle of life and ride on as if nothing is happening…
NO. TRULY LISTEN. What does my soul need? For sure it’s not a burn out. For sure it’s not choosing to live my life sad, or not-estatic. Why do we settle for less?? WE ARE NOT HERE TO SETTLE FOR LESS.
And that doesn’t mean you have to now sell your house, and spend all your money on that journey around the world, (actually, that journey inside yourself) that you’ve always wanted to make. (or perhaps it does )
It can be with babysteps. Even better, since those are the ones that learn us to walk.

Where do you keep on going and not listening to that little voice…?
I am here to talk, if you need me.
With so much Love, Rosa


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