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Theta came my way, several ways. And so I finally decided to treat myself to a session… And it blew my mind, my spirit, and blew away so many deep processes…out of the loving window. I came home. Both in this world as in the world where my spirit roars, on, preferably, wings of light. Yet ‘old stuff’ pulled me down from time to time. Time to heal! And so we did. Back to the year 1100, where I witnessed how this hard part in my belly that kept me from being whole got created, from fear, that froze in me.

Theta works with the Theta brainwave, the wave of ‘the space in between’, where the magic happens, I like to say. And so this came to be, in this reality even! How amazing.

On top of that, I got to learn to be able to give Theta Therapie! I feel so lucky. And grateful, to myself. I do not believe in luck: we are the creators of our world, and so this luck, I made happen. I thank myself for loving myself that much, that I heard the call and acted upon it. So, now available in Berlin, till 10th of may. Then, offered in Amsterdam on 12 & 14 may. Back in Berlin beginning june.

The event can be found on facebook:

Dear Golden Family ♥

With a heart full of Gold & Love I would like to share with you my new re-found Therapie skills, called Theta Healing Technique.

If you have already heard of it: WAUW, if you haven’t, get ready to be-WAUW’ed.
Theta Healing allows me, after you give me permission, to scan your body for possible ailments, and to replace programming that we might have taken on in life (or passed life’s!). Such as your deepest fear that is holding you in it’s iron arm. We will be able to dig to the root and replace this fear for something that DOES serve you.
So: We work towards flowing in your life.

As i wish to practice this incredible technique every day from now on for the rest of my life, I’d like to make you a special Theta-Rosa-entering-the-game starting offer 🙂

About 1,5hr or 2 hr for €25. Longer & deeper possible yet then I would appreciate a little more energy exchange. (I am open to receive good foods, nice clothes, an ipod for traveling ;))

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Hoping to inspire you to try this deep healing & connecting work, that has brought my spirit Home ♥

Feel free to open my offer to friends. Your friends are my friends.


official website: 

my Berlin inspirators:


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