GOLD OF THE DAY Full Moon in Libra


And then it’s full moon again. And when I read about it, I feel a relaxation coming out from deep within my being, from all my pores and by relaxing, letting go & letting be, I can feel connected. To myself, to the bigger picture and so the world, the other, you. More & more I relax into the idea that All Is One and I CAN feel this…aiaiaiaiiiiii madre mia!!!! Its like a home-coming, roots, these ones not from earth, but from a feeling of being connected, feeling of connection, to Source. Can you imagine? As the feeling of being connected to your mother; being in the womb, getting nourished by this life-line, the warmth of her being around you, and maybe even the not knowing to be separate. By learning about duality I realize more & more there IS no duality…this is not easy to comprehend. If you feel to feel, let me know, I am here and I am FULL POWER LOVING CONNECTED READY to SHARE THE GOLD.

Sharingthegold for booking of my re-connection sessions.

I love you!

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