The wholeness of being

About Rosalie

My name is Rosalie, and I am a 33 year old therapist, born in the Netherlands.

Since I was little I have been fascinated in us humans walking our paths, and how. I have a natural eye for unharmonized, or distortion in our wholeness of being. I love bodywork and – movement, the body being a rich book for us to read & understand how we relate to the world, making it our very best option to empower ourselves, from within ourselves. I have travelled the world to study different kinds of practises, to come to an all-round offering of therapy.

What I offer

Several types of massage to relax or/and tap into self healing abilities. Through use of Theta Brain Waves; a journey through the subconscious and limiting beliefs, energy & conditions stored there. Women’s work to connect to femininity, to the womb; the seat of life force & intuition. I also offer coaching for the dying & family.

My approach

Imagine feeling complete at ease within yourself! My work offers a homecoming in your body, your life, your subconscious. A mapping and balancing of both the physical, energetical & mental body, tapping into your selfhealing ability’s. A transformational, insightful & relaxing experience, to create a natural, healthy flow, restoring your life energy.

What I believe in

Through conscious embodiment and our ability to connect, we can start to radiate our true magnificence. And so I believe, that when we work with & on our inner landscape, which is beautiful by nature, it can nothing but come out and show, like a light bulb being turned on. Tapped in. Radiance is our true magnificence.