rosalie stange

embody your wholeness of being


I have a passion for the homecoming in this life, in our body; in our being as a WHOLENESS.

To create space for harmony & balance through reaching a deeper understanding of yourself ánd your path.

I experienced and witnessed allot of suffering, and I just didn’t believe this is what we are here for. Thetahealing helped me to bring about my medicine, my gift, to myself and in session form, to the world.

Do you want to embrace yourself as you are, and your life as it is?

To start to fully love being alive, and your unique connection to it?

Through creating a deeper understanding on your why & how’s, to be able to embrace life, and yourself, completely?

This is for you if you are ready to tap into your source of radiance, to stop fighting, and flow wíth the currents of your authentic life’ path.

A life that serves. Where we may fully enjoy and embrace, being alive.

Lao Tzu – ‘Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.’

Curious what I can do for you? Read about the work I offer, contact me for a free intro call.

What I believe in

I believe in essence humans are whole & healthy.   

I believe this wholeness is our Home. And I believe that landing fully in that wholeness & self loving connection, is very important.

Our body is the vessel for this homecoming.

Our personal Temple. 

My mission is to guide & empower people coming home into this wholeness; their connection to their source of life. 

What I offer

Imagine feeling complete at ease within yourself…

A session with me offers you an understanding on aspects of your life on deeper levels, through diving into & working with the subconscious.

A mapping & balancing of both the physical, emotional and mental body, tapping into your body’s self-healing ability’s.

A transformational, insightful & harmonizing experience, to create a natural healthy flow restoring your life’s energy.  

My approach

I combine several types of bodywork; Hawaiian deep tissue massage, Fascia Energetic Release, pressurepoint, reiki, aromatherapy, voice & sound healing.

We tap into the subconscious through the Thetabrainwaves.

We journey through {limiting-} beliefs, energy & conditioning stored there.

Combined with shamanic practices, all these facets we work on, allow the Golden diamond as a whole to tap into.