The wholeness of being

About Rosalie


I believe in a life in which we radiate, where we embody our potential by understanding ourselves and our path through deeper levels and where we enjoy being alive.

I work as a medium, a natural intuitive, a guide, combined with the healing power of touch. To help clear your way, to arrive fully into your body, your being. It is a precious gift to ‘get out of your own way’ and embrace your complete being. 

And so it is my mission to help clear the dust from the leaves of our beings, so that it’s possible to allow all the sunlight to enter. For you to tap into your inner source of radiance & start peddling downstream.

As Lao Tzu so beautifully captured: ‘Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.’

What I believe in

I believe in essence humans are whole, healthy & powerful.   

I believe this wholeness to be our Home. And I believe that landing fully in that connection, is what we most long for, and is of utmost importance.

Our body, is the vessel, to achieve this wholeness. Our personal Temple. 

My mission is to guide & empower people coming home into this wholeness; their connection, to the source of life, inside. So outside, will procede the harmony created within.


My approach

Imagine feeling complete at ease within yourself…

My work offers a HOMECOMING in your body, your life, whilst incorporating the rich subconscious. A mapping and balancing of both the physical, energetical & mental body, tapping into your selfhealing ability’s. A transformational, insightful & relaxing experience, to create a natural, healthy flow, restoring your life energy. Sessions always have a personal approach; to bring our whats best for you RIGHT HERE & NOW. 

What I offer

I studied several techniques to relax and tap into self healing abilities; Hawaiian massage, fascia energetic release, pressurepoint, reiki, aromatherapy, voice & sound healing. I am certified in Thetahealing: through use of Theta Brain Waves; we journey through the subconscious and limiting beliefs, energy & conditions stored there. I am trained in shamanic practices. I facilitate Women’s work to connect to femininity, & womb existence; the seat of life force & intuition. I also offer coaching for the dying & family.I believe in essence humans are whole, healthy & powerful.