rosalie stange

embody your wholeness of being


Hi! My name is Rosalie. 

I work as a women’s therapist, medium, bodyworker, masseuse.
I combine energy work with bodywork and massage in 1-on-1 sessions.
I also love spreading & teaching Womb Consciousness.

My work bridges body, mind & soul; allowing you to understand yourself on deep levels, energetically, emotionally and physically.

It is my passion to serve our homecoming in this life, in our body; in our being as a WHOLENESS.
I believe we are whole.
We just need to get out of the way.


What I believe in

I believe the biggest illness is disconnectedness. And when we are not connected, we suffer.

Therefore I believe it is important that we, as women, connect to ourselves as a wholeness; on body, mind and spirit level.

For this to become our reality, we need to land fully in our pelvis, to work with our inner oracle, this miraculous place of life & power. To learn to express and live our femme essence.

What I offer

Imagine as a woman, becoming your own ongoing source of power & inspiration.

My work offers you an understanding on those aspects of your life on deep levels.

I combine working with the subconscious as well as the body, and our emotional body.

A session with me offers you a transformational, insightful & harmonizing experience, reconnecting with your femme being, body & path.

My approach

I am certified in several types of bodywork & massage techniques.

I combine those with voice & soundwork, as well as aroma therapy.

We tap into the subconscious through the Thetabrainwaves using Thetahealing®️, allowing us to journey through {limiting-} beliefs, stagnant energy & conditioning stored in the body. This makes me work as a medium.

I also studied women’s work & therapy, shamanic practices, trauma therapy and de-armouring.